Candlelight Meeting

  • Days: Thu, Fri, Sat
  • City: Monterey
  • Time: 10:00 PM
  • Facility: Monterey Fellowship Hall
  • Location: 519 Hartnell (near Monterey post office, rear of bldg, lower level)

This meeting adheres to standard A.A. format (either speaker or topic discussion as voted upon in the beginning of each meeting). Meeting is one hour long, ending at 11 PM, with a 5 minute limit allowed for shares in order to give everyone a chance to speak. The lights are dimmed after reading of A.A. literature to create a comfortable ambiance for sharing.

The Monterey Fellowship Hall faces the parking lot of Trader Joe’s and Peet’s Coffee. The parking lot can be accessed from either 519 Hartnell Street or 560 Munras Ave. From Hartnell Street look for the “Carl’s Alley” street sign and take the alley down to the parking lot. The meeting room is on the ground floor of the two story building, where the alley meets the parking lot.

AA meetings at Fellowship Hall in Monterey, CA.