Central Office is physically closed but our phone lines remain open. This is due to the Shelter-in-Place order in Monterey County that will continue until further notice.

We strongly suggest that our meetings and groups comply with this order and suspend all meetings until further notice. We understand that each group is autonomous; however, we in this great Fellowship want to continue to be good citizens.

Remote Meetings

Several meetings have set-up remote online meetings. Visit our REMOTE MEETINGS page for details or to submit a remote meeting to be listed on the website.

Physical Meetings

Some groups are now meeting outdoors. Find those meetings using the filters on our PHYSICAL MEETINGS page. Select the dropdown menu titled “Any Type” then select “Outdoor Meeting”.

We are keeping our website Meeting Directory up-to-date as information comes in about meetings, closed facilities, etc. Not all meetings have been reported as closed, however we suggest not going to a physical meeting expecting it to be there.

Letter From Central Office

Hello fellow alcoholics,

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in our fellowship.

Many of the places we hold our meetings are not available to us. There is a complete list of the closed facilities at the end of this letter and we will continue to update our Meeting Schedule as new information comes in. Much thanks to our website team for staying on top of this.

In our program, we are taught to live One Day At A Time, and that is the only way we can get through these difficult times. I encourage you to talk with each other, support each other, use all the resources that are available.

As far as meetings go, if you are able to meet, the group should make some decisions about trying to sit further apart, about possibly eliminating food service, eliminating hand holding etc.

Each group is autonomous and can make their own decisions. Each individual can decide for themselves how to proceed.

It is important that we stay in communication with each other. On this page you will find links to two online meeting resources. Or you can search the internet for online aa meetings’ and browse through the results.

We have been forced to cancel the birthday meeting for March and we will proceed cautiously into April.

I will keep Central Office open for questions and our 24 hour hotline has been informed.

Please keep in mind that with so many meetings being closed, our office is not receiving the 7th tradition contributions, so if you have the ability to send a gratitude contribution, please do so. Checks are to be made out to MBAIAA and Venmo contributions can be made by sending the the donation to @aamonterey through Venmo.

We will keep you informed as new information becomes available.

The 2020 International Convention scheduled for July 2-5, 2020 in Detroit has been cancelled.

Once again I must stress the importance of unity. Protect yourself and your loved ones and together in fellowship, we will get through this.

With warmest regards and in service,

Jana (central office administrator)

Facilities that are closed for meetings:

  • All schools
  • Church of the Wayfarer, Carmel
  • Good Morning Carmel, 3rd & Torres
  • Center for Spiritual Living, Monterey (Thumpers)
  • Beacon House, Pacific Grove
  • Little House in The Park, Pacific Grove
  • CSUMB Campus, Seaside
  • Oldemeyer Center, Seaside
  • St Francis Xavier Church, Seaside
  • Martinez Hall, Marina
  • Most sites that are run or owned by any government organization

To my knowledge, most churches are remaining open for meetings, but there may be exceptions.The Fellowship Hall in Monterey remains open as well with some limitations.