Today’s Next Meetings

5:30 pm Monterey Happy Hour - Speaker Discussion - Monterey Fellowship Hall

5:30 pm Monterey Spirit Women - Online

6:00 pm Carmel Step-Tradition Book Study - Church of the Wayfarer

6:00 pm Monterey Steering Committee Meetings 1st Tuesday - Online

7:00 pm Monterey MBAIAA Intergroup Meeting 2nd Tuesdays - Online

7:30 pm Seaside Grupo Resurrección de A.A. - Seaside Plaza

7:30 pm Carmel Valley Mid Valley Tue. Night - St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church

7:30 pm Seaside Nuevo Sendero - University Plaza

8:00 pm Pacific Grove Beacon Group - St. Mary's Episcopal Church

9:00 pm Monterey Grave Emotional and Mental Disorders - Online