Today’s Next Meetings

6:45 am Monterey Come As You Are - Monterey Fellowship Hall

6:45 am Monterey Sunrise Group - St. James Episcopal Church

7:00 am Carmel Valley Mighty Muffins - Carmel Valley Community Center - Small Room

7:00 am Carmel Good Morning Carmel - Vista Lobos Room

Noon Pacific Grove Wild Women - Center for Spiritual Awakening

Noon Monterey Noon Groups - Monterey Fellowship Hall

Noon Pacific Grove Men's Group - Pacific Grove Youth Center

12:15 pm Monterey Closed Women's 12 & 12 - St. James Episcopal Church

5:30 pm Carmel As Bill Sees It - All Saints Episcopal Church

5:30 pm Monterey Happy Hour - Big Book - Monterey Fellowship Hall

6:00 pm Pacific Grove Singleness of Purpose Group - Little House in the Park

6:30 pm Carmel Valley Wed Night Village Group - Carmel Valley Community Chapel

6:30 pm Marina Circle of Gratitude Book - Epiphany Episcopal Church

6:30 pm Carmel Valley Carmel Valley Reflections - St. Phillip's Lutheran Church

7:00 pm Seaside Grupo Nuevo - Grupo AA Resurreccion

7:30 pm Carmel Carmel Men's Stag - All Saints Episcopal Church

7:30 pm Pacific Grove Primary Purpose Speaker - Christian Church (Education Building)

8:00 pm Pacific Grove Rebound Group - Little House in the Park