Contribute To Central Office

A.A. Member Contributions

In keeping with A.A.’s Seventh Tradition of self-support, we accept contributions only from A.A. members.
The A.A. groups themselves ought to be fully supported by the voluntary contributions of their own members.

—from the Long Form of Tradition Seven

Contributions to Central Office by A.A. members are appreciated. They can be made by Venmo or check.

Venmo Contributions

ANONYMITY is an important consideration when making contributions by Venmo. Therefore, we strongly suggest going to: Settings > Privacy and choosing “Private” as the Default Privacy Setting for anonymity reasons. Groups will want to encourage members making contributions to do the same, or at least set each contribution to “Private”. Private payments are only visible to the sender and recipient. 


Contributions by Check

Contributions may be sent to:

Monterey Bay Area Intergroup of A.A. (MBAIAA)
1015 Cass Street, Suite 4
Monterey, CA 93940

Central Office contributions are not a substitute for contributing to your local A.A. group.

Central Office appreciates contributions directly from A.A. members, but does not want to diminish contributions to local A.A. groups.  Our local groups need contributions to pay for basic expenses like rent, utility bills, coffee, refreshments and A.A. literature. Then after covering basic expenses, the group may decide to send money to the local district, the area committee, central office and the General Service Office.

Samples of group contributions to A.A. service entities can be found in the A.A. pamphlet:
SELF SUPPORT: Where Money & Spirituality Mix

7th Tradition Digital Contributions

Click To Learn About Digital Contributions. Digital contributions are in addition to the regular basket and the activation process is very simple.