Remote Meeting Submission Form

Is your existing physical meeting Temporarily Closed and now meeting online or via conference call? Use the form below to submit details if you’d like to be listed for others to find and join! If you’re not sure how to set up a remote meeting, visit this page created by our A.A. friends in the Bay Area.

A trusted servant will process these submissions as quickly as possible. We will send you a confirmation email when it is live; please do not submit a duplicate entry.

NOTE: If you have already submitted a form and need to make a change or correction, please email the change to with the subject line: CORRECTION TO THE REMOTE MEETING LISTING. Please include the meeting name, day, and time.

PHYSICAL MEETINGS – A few physical meetings are now meeting outdoors. Find those meetings using the filters on our PHYSICAL MEETINGS page. Select the dropdown titled “Any Type” then select “Outdoor Meeting”.

We kindly request that your meeting secretary be the one to contact us (or another trusted servant) for all meeting submissions in order to avoid confusion.