MBAIAA Newsletter – August 2019

Published on August 20, 2019

Step 8 – “Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.  Page 77

“As I faced the Eighth Step, everything that was required for successful completion of the previous seven Steps came together: courage, honesty, sincerity, willingness and thoroughness. I could not muster the strength required for this task at the beginning, which is why this Step reads “became willing…”  I needed to develop the courage to begin, the honesty to see where I was wrong.

Thoroughness in making a list and willingness to take the risks required for true humility. With the help of my Higher Power in developing these virtues, I completed this Step and continued to move forward in my quest for spiritual growth.”

Daily Reflections.  Page 234

Alcoholics Anonymous Events To Plan For

There are lots of opportunities for fellowship and fun in the coming weeks.  Visit our events calendar for a complete list of upcoming events.

Monterey Intergroup Birthday / Speaker Meeting
** SPECIAL DATE **  Saturday, August 24th, 2019 @ 7:30 pm

Hosted this month by the Topic Tag meeting which meets on Thursday evenings at 7 pm at St John’s Church..  The speaker will be Jessica A.

This is a monthly birthday meeting held on the last Saturday of each month (except for December when the meeting is held along with a holiday banquet ). The first part of the meeting includes a presentation of birthday medallions for those celebrating annual A.A. anniversaries and all are invited to participate. Birthdays are followed by an A.A. speaker who shares for 40 to 45 minutes and the meeting ends about 9pm. Coffee is typically ready no later than 7pm. Arrive early for good parking, fellowship and a great seat!

Monterey High School Cafeteria
Herman Drive at Larkin, Monterey CA 93940

This meeting is usually held on the last Saturday of each month, but is the fourth Saturday of this month, due to our next big event…

Monterey Bay Area Roundup (MBAR)

This is a three-day conference with loads of events, speakers and opportunities for fellowship. To get all the details and information regarding registration click the following link and visit the Monterey Bay Area Roundup (MBAR) website.

News From General Service

Here is a note from Susan G. – our Area 6 DCMC (District Committee Member Chair).

Many A.A. event committees announce that the taking of photographs during A.A. meetings might make some attendees uncomfortable regarding their anonymity. Even when photographs are permitted to be taken, some committees provide reminders that any photographs taken should be away from crowds, to ensure that no images are taken of people who have not given permission to be in the picture.The A.A. Anonymity Display Card (M-61, available from G.S.O.) is often used for such announcements.  As the long form of Tradition Eleven reminds us, “Our names and pictures as A.A. members ought not be broadcast, filmed, or publicly printed” (this would include on digital media such as social networking, Internet,  and other nonpassword protected websites). In 2013 the General Service Conference affirmed “ that the the social media and all forms of public communications are implicit in the last phrase of the Short Form of Tradition Eleven, which reads: ’…at the level of press, radio and films.”

As a further note about anonymity, event committees may announce,”Out of respect for others, please do not take photographs during any of the meetings. Also, be considerate when taking photographs around convention venues. Take care that you do not capture any images of A.A. members, family members, and friends who did not give permission and may not wish to appear in your pictures. Please do not post recognizable photos of identifiable A.A. members on websites accessible to the public, including unrestricted pages on social networking sites.”

From the publication, A.A. Guidelines Conferences, Conventions and Roundups.


To see current IGR minutes and financial reports CLICK HERE


A Note From Jana

Here we are in the late days of summer.  Time seems to fly whether we’re having fun or not!  Things are going along swimmingly here at the office.  Not enough of you come by to say hi however.  If you have any questions or comments or are just up for a cup of coffee and a quick chat, stop by…  This is your Central Office.

I have been thinking of ways to increase participation at the IGR level. IGR stands for Intergroup Representative. We meet once a month at 7:00 pm at St James Church.  The Intergroup is the best way that we have to keep communications open between Central Office and the meetings.  Each group should have an IGR to represent them so that we can let groups know what is going on, and also to learn from them what the needs and experiences of the individual groups are. SO, if your group doesn’t have an IGR, Elect one – or better yet, BECOME one.

One more thing – don’t forget about MBAR. Monterey Bay Area Roundup. August 31-Sept 2nd.  It is a three day event held at the Monterey Conference Center, with special events, speakers and Marathon meetings. For more information, visit the MBAR website.  Be sure to support this event!

We Are Always In Need Of People To Be Of Service

If you are interested in being a part of what we do here at Central Office, I am always looking for office volunteers. People to be on the other end of the phone when someone reaches out for help. It is generally a four hour commitment (either 9:30 – 1:30 or 1:30 – 5:30) 1 day per week. Currently, I need a few people to keep on a list of those that are willing to fill in for these positions once in a while. Call or come by and let’s talk!

In closing, please feel free to stop by Central Office. If you are one of the ‘Trusted Servants’ at a meeting (Secretary, Treasurer,etc,) and you have any questions about the responsibilities of that position, don’t hesitate to ask what those responsibilities might be.

I am in the office Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 -5:00.